Summer Singles Book Study at South Main

May 27, 2009

Summber Book Study to be Led by Erin Conaway

The Five Love Languages: Singles Edition  by Gary Chapman

Being single or married has nothing to do with whether you need to feel loved! Understanding and applying the five love languages will enhance your relationships with parents, coworkers, classmates, roommates, siblings, dating partners, and friends.

The book study will meet on Wednesday nights, 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. for six weeks: June 17, 24 and July 8-29. (We will not meet on July 1 due to the CBF Missionary Commissioning at SMBC that evening.) 

Books will be provided for $10.

Please email Amy Grizzle with questions or to sign up.  Thanks!


Litany Psalm 138, adapted

May 20, 2009

Leader: Let us give thanks to the Lord with our whole hearts; before the world may we sing God’s praises.
People:  God, I give you thanks with my whole heart for your love and faithfulness.
Leader:  Let us call to mind the deeds of the Lord, let us remember the wonders of old and the mercies of a new morning. Who is so great as our God? 
People:  God, I give you thanks with my whole heart.  On the day I called, you answered me; you increased the strength of my soul.
Leader:  For though the Lord is high, he regards the lowly.  Though we walk in the midst of trouble, God stretches out his hand to deliver us.
People:  God, I give you thanks with my whole heart.  Your steadfast love endures forever; with your strong arm you redeem your people.
All:  O give thanks to the Lord and sing.  God, may we sing your song, dream your dreams, and live with your love.  Amen.

Litany of Sacrifice

May 18, 2009

Leader: Lord you send us out to be ambassadors of your love and grace.  Hearing your call we begin to articulate our fears and anxieties, yet you remind us that you will be with us always.
People: God, give us the courage to go
Leader: From the time you spoke to Moses through the burning bush, you have been sending us out in your name…calling us to be agents of redemption in our world, but like Moses, we find some reason that we are not worthy and not ready
People: God, give us the courage to be forgiven
Leader: You model for us what it means to love extravagantly and you call us to join you in this dance of grace, but we are scared and timid and have such little faith and so many worries.  You call us to give and trust and fall into your guiding arms
People: God, give us the courage to give
Leader: We want to follow, but the path is narrow and the temptations of self-sufficiency are luring, we know the task is great and our faith is small, and we want to help, but we worry there won’t be enough.
All: Fill us with your Spirit and send us out beyond ourselves to go farther, to forgive deeper, and to give all that we have in your name and through your love.

Missions Blog Update – Peru: April 27, 2009

May 12, 2009

By Tom Ehlers, Jesse Daves, Kevin Sinclair, and Erin Conaway

“You have to be careful about eating a guinea pig because it looks a lot like a rat…in fact, if you’re eating one you need to go back to the kitchen and have them show you the tail.” That was the best advice we got today and even though we had chicken for dinner, they are words to live by. Read more at