God’s Hand Revealed

By Charis Smith

By Charis Smith

God sometimes reveals himself in mighty miracles of healings and disasters averted, and those moments have come in my life. My most  cherished  moment, though, of an outstretched hand  is His answering a listed prayer with a tweak of humor at the end.  After staying home with a third child, I was anxious to get back to a classroom, my vocation.  I laid out a fleece with three requests.

First:  Maybe a part time job so I could readjust to routine balancing family and job.

Second: Close to home so I didn’t worry about children at end of day.

Three:  Let it be a challenge.

I had an offer in the middle of the summer.

First:  Teach two classes and finish at noon.  – Check and praise!

Two:  A school four miles from home – Check and praise!

Third: Answered  with a holy chuckle in the background. I, who had an elementary background and a degree in language and reading, was given a math and science class of 7th graders in an emerging junior high. Humph!

So, I re-entered the work force.  I had an afternoon to plan classes and tend to home issues.  The youngest could go to school with me, and I was free to pick up junior high carpool in the afternoons. I deepened friendships and expanded knowledge as anybody who could helped me with content in science and math.  God revealed is to see Him more clearly. I saw a God who knew what I needed and gave me a cheerful nudge toward the place he intended me to be the next twenty- eight years.



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