January 26, 2010

Tom Williams, Church Administrator and Minister to Senior Adults


This is a word that needs to be on our lips at all time. The Scripture encourages us to “give thanks in all things” and that is a challenge for me. I think that you might have the same challenge.

Gratitude is all I can say for the dear members of South Main Baptist Church who have pledged their way into the Capital Campaign that helping to revitalize our campus. But, my gratitude goes further to include the wonderful spirit of cooperation that is evident in those effected by the improvement process. All of our departments and classes have had to walk past the work in progress or even make a location change due to the process. All have done it with us grace and acceptance.

In taking my hat off to all, I say Thank You!


HOPE for Haiti

January 19, 2010

From our Pastor, Dr. Steve Wells:

“I believe the hope of the world is the local church. As you consider how you will respond to the tragedy in Haiti, I encourage you to send monies that will partner with Haitian churches. Long after other relief agencies are gone, congregations will still be there making a difference one life at a time. SMBC will give through Baptist World Aid and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.”

You can give at our church’s giving link:

There is HOPE for Haiti.


January 12, 2010

Adapted from Prayers & Litanies for the Christian Seasons (p. 48) by Sharlande Sledge.

Create in each of us a kneeling place, where we may empty ourselves of our self-importance and become vulnerable to your Word to us.

Forgive our busyness and help us to rest in You.

Help us to set our faces firmly against friendly suggestions for safe, expedient lives and toward the risk of discipleship. Loosen our grip on certainties that smother possibilities.

Forgive our resistance to change.

Let us pursue the adventure of losing our lives in order to find them in You. Guide us to follow the way of the cross where despair is transformed by the promise of new life and where we are compelled to intercede for those who have more pain in their lives than hope.

Forgive us for dreams that are too small.

When we are too eager to be “better than…” when we are too rushed to care… when we are too tired to bother… when we are too preoccupied to listen… when we are too quick to act from motive other than compassion…

Transform us, hold our feet in the fire of your Emmanuel grace, so we can see our actions in the light of your costly love.


Reflections on Peru

January 5, 2010

By Chelsea Wade, Buckner Ministries Coordinator at South Main Baptist Church.  Chelsea visited Peru from December 4-13, 2009.

During the first orphanage visit a fellow participant asked me who my favorite was. I said that I wanted to spend time with as many children as possible and that I didn’t have one. After listening to my response he reiterated: “You always have a favorite”. There were certainly children that took my hand for reasons that I can’t explain. At times they smiled at me with so much joy that I became overwhelmed. I have no doubt that I was placed there for divine reasons. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say “You’ll always become a favorite”.

Chronicling my experiences was a bit difficult for this trip. I usually enjoy writing journal entries but this method seemed futile for this experience. I found myself summarizing the itinerary instead of taking an introspective approach. I opted to e-mail friends and family tidbits about emotions and observations. After re-reading these conversations I’ve decided that they give an accurate representation of my personal growth.

Here at South Main the concept of community is emphasized in activities. I’ve become much more aware of what we can accomplish together and learn from each other in community settings.  My awareness of community was certainly increased during this trip. I had the opportunity to function as an extension of South Main and as a Buckner employee. In addition I got to work alongside others to accomplish a common goal: showing God’s love.

When the trip was coming to a close, we discussed the challenge of describing our experience. How could we effectively communicate the happiness that the children felt? How could we explain the changes in our hearts? How could we show that we have been humbled? I suggested that those around us will learn about experience from our actions. I added that I couldn’t wait to step off the plane and be a different person that I was before leaving…thank God.