“God, use me.”

By Steve Rader, Outreach Committee Chair

I’ve been pretty busy over the last few weeks working on this upcoming Share Campaign. During that time, I’ve been researching and writing the bible study lessons that will be using during the campaign. In it, I’ve really been learning and reflecting on what it means to share our faith and open ourselves up for God to use. As I have begun to pray “Lord, use me,” I have to tell you that some remarkable things have started to happen. Everywhere I turn, a new opportunity to talk about my faith or my church pops up.

Last week, I was walking down the hall at work and ran into a co-worker that I don’t regularly talk to a whole lot. She asked me what I had done over my Spring Break. I simply answered that I had helped to build a small house in Eagle Pass, TX as part of my church mission trip. She said, “Oh really. What church to you attend?” When I answered South Main Baptist, she quickly responded, “Oh yes, I visited South Main a few years ago. You know, I attended another church for 7 years and they did not do any missions or homeless work and I got frustrated because I really feel that is what being a Christian is all about. Two years ago I stopped attending and haven’t been back to church since. I really miss church. I’m going to come back and visit South Main.”

All I said was “I went on a mission trip,” and the next thing I knew, someone I work with had decided to come and check out South Main. When I add this to the 2-3 other incidents that I’ve had that are quite similar over the past few days, it is not hard to figure out who is really at work. God is not very subtle. I shouldn’t be surprised. I asked for Him to use me and He is doing just that.

We’ll be starting the 4 week “Share Campaign” on April 11th and running through May 2nd. Please pray for our church, that God will use us.



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