Are you yearning for a deeper experience of God?

Are you yearning for a deeper experience of God?

Would you like to be part of a small group of people with whom you can share questions of faith?

Come Walk with Companions in Christ:

  • A weekly journey in prayer, scripture, sharing, spiritual friendship, and meditation
  • A spiritual-formation group designed to deepen your spiritual growth
  • An invitation from God to come close.

The South Main Discipleship Committee invites you to consider joining a Companions in Christ study this fall. A group of 8-10 individuals would meet at the designated times detailed below. Please note, we have a variety of meeting days and times–there is one that works with your schedule! Participation in any of the groups includes a serious commitment of time and focus for a meaningful formation process. For more information or to sign up, please contact Amy Grizzle Kane, Minister to Adults, at

The Way of Transforming Discipleship, 6 week study led by Lydia Law

Sunday mornings, beginning October 3; 9am-10:30am in Loessner Building 302 (office conference room)

This six-week Companions in Christ study challenges Christians to live the whole gospel by connecting spirituality and discipleship. The Way of Transforming Discipleship offers us a message of vital transforming spirituality that begins with knowing who we are, changing from the inside out, listening to the groans of others, and discovering the deep spirituality of belonging to and experiencing the God who heals.

Embracing the Journey: The Way of Christ?, 8 week study led by Melissa Carty and Patti Peymann

Sunday mornings, beginning October 10; 9am-10:30am in Chafin Building 212

Embracing the Journey: The Way of Christ focuses on an exploration of spiritual formation as an individual and corporate journey toward wholeness and holiness through the grace of God. In addition to the weekly reading, this book provides questions and daily scripture readings to guide your private reflection.

The Way of Grace, 8 week study led by Gaye Hamor

Wednesday nights, starting Wednesday Sept. 29; 6-7:30 pm at SMBC

The Way of Grace provides a fresh approach to the Gospel of John. It invites us to travel with eight biblical characters (or groups of characters) who discover God’s grace through their encounter with Jesus– including Andrew, Nicodemus, the lame man, Mary and Martha, and others. The Way of Grace asks us to open our hearts to a deeper understanding of God’s grace. It offers transforming interaction with the events and the characters of scripture.

The Way of Blessedness, 9 week study led by Hart Brupbacher

Sunday afternoons following worship, beginning October 3; 12:30-2pm in Loessner Building 205

The Way of Blessedness is a 9-week study using The Beatitudes from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. The journey invites participants to discover Jesus’ vision of the kingdom of God on earth, and to develop a personal “rule of life” that helps us reside in that kingdom.

Join us!


One Response to Are you yearning for a deeper experience of God?

  1. Having been victimized by a cult church, I now value and treasure the proper understanding of Scripture that I received through genuine Christian ministries. Every time I find a church or ministry proclaiming biblical truth and encouraging apologetics, I give praise to God. Christianity isn’t going to church each Sunday but a total commitment to Christ in every aspect of life. I hope and pray that these studies will rouse people from their complacency before it’s too late.

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