What if you truly get involved at South Main Baptist Church?

September 26, 2014

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By Dorothy Griffin

My journey at South Main started sixty-five years ago. It was a “no-brainer” to join South Main as newlyweds since my husband had been working in Houston for a year with Vernon Garrett. For that first year as members of South Main, we sat in our respective Sunday school classes and listened to Dr. Westmoreland’s sermons. But church was not a part of our weekday activities. Then Frank Golden invited us to BYPU. (For those of you younger than 60, that was the Sunday evening equivalent of Sunday morning Sunday school classes).

That was the beginning of becoming part of the church family—making life- long friends as we not only worshiped together but shared life with each other. And becoming part of the church family opened doors to serve at South Main. When my first-born was a year old, I was asked to be Mildred Dill’s assistant in the two-year-old Sunday school class. What a learning experience and what a joy! The journey of friendships and opportunities to serve have continued through the years.

As I look back, I cannot imagine life without being part of South Main and am grateful for the profound influence it has been on our entire family. South Main is MY CHURCH. If you are not already, get involved in one or more of the myriad of activities available and make South Main “MY CHURCH” for you and your family.