God’s Hand Revealed – By Maggie Hill

October 25, 2009

Shoe pileKatrina had just ripped through New Orleans and many survivors were camped out in Reliant Stadium. My husband Henry contacted Mike Williams of St. Lukes Hospital. He was in charge of the “goings on” at Reliant. Henry ask if they had a need for shoes for the children. Mike assured us that there was.

Henry and I rented a truck and drove to Dallas to the Buckner  Ministries shoe distribution center. The workers filled the truck with new shoes, socks and teddy bears.
The next morning when we arrived at Reliant we noticed signs on the fence stating that no more donations were needed. Henry called Mike and he said that there was still a big need for shoes and directed us through several check points to the gate that would lead to a loading dock. He met us there and invited us in to see the sorry selection of shoes available. I declined and said I would wait with the truck.
As I waited, a lady pushing a cart came up to me and ask if we might have some ladies underwear in our truck. She shared with me that she was from California and that her husband was a medical doctor. When he heard about the situation in Houston he had decided to come to Houston and see how they could help.  That morning he was working in triage and after treating a patient all bedding and clothing were discarded. She had been sent out to collect things they needed and she had been successful in her search except for the womans underwear.

As she was talking I was watching a black limo pull up to an unmaned gate. I was puzzled as the driver got out, opened the gate and drove over to the loading dock.  Two men in black suits and sunglasses with large shopping bags under their arms walked over to us and one said, “I don’t know what this is about but as I left home this morning my wife gave me these and told me to bring them to Reliant.”  We opened the bags and found they were filled with ladies underwear.

My new friend and I did not miss this GOD WINK.

Since her mission was complete she moved on her way.

The next morning on the front page on the Houston Chronicle was a picture of a little girl boarding the school bus at Reliant with a teddy bear in her arms.  I couldn’t see her feet, but I am sure she was wearing new shoes.