Sharing our Stories… Michelle and Kirby Butler

April 26, 2010

By Michelle Butler, South Main Member

Michelle Butler is a member in the Fellowship of Young Families with her husband, Kirby.  They have also participated in Financial Peace University.  Michelle also volunteers with our children for KidQuest and other programs.

Shortly after graduating from college and getting married, Kirby and I moved to Houston. We were on an exciting, new adventure together; yet still found ourselves missing our family and church. We started visiting various churches in the area and wanted one that emphasized similar Baptist traditions we were raised on while providing a prefect place for our marriage to grow and flourish.

During our first visit to South Main, we were welcomed with open arms. We both really enjoyed the awe inspiring setting South Main offered and the way the church service’s message was applicable to our everyday lives. We were particularly excited to see the emphasis South Main had on family.

A few weeks later, we were invited to attend a Sunday school class. It was nice meeting other newly married couples and young professionals that we could relate to. From the start we had a group of people befriending us with invitations to lunch or encouraging us to get involved with various events such as FPU or KidQuest.

From time to time we would get caught up in our busy schedules, but there was always someone at South Main calling to offer us support and reengaging us to continue to grow as Christians. They remind us that we are an important part of their lives, too. They genuinely challenge us to not settle for what is easy because God has so much more in store for us.

This week, the Share Campaign is emphasizing encouraging members of South Main to re-engage members of our church family that have gotten busy or might not remember how important they are to the church family. From our own experience, I can tell you that a call or an email reminding folks about church events or just checking to make sure they are doing OK are very important. We all make a pledge to be the family of God for each other in this place and following through on that pledge is a great way to Share.

We are never more like Jesus than when we SHARE…. As we learn to share our stories, we learn to share our faith…

Share Campaign 2010


KidQuest = Exhausting and Exhilirating!

July 21, 2009

We just wrapped up KidQuest week which brought us 182 children from around Houston to our church for camp.  Some have described it as Vacation Bible School on steroids!  It’s a massive undertaking but a joyous one.  For a week our campus was overrun by kids yelling “Fear Not” and learning how to shine God’s light into the world.

This year’s theme was “Crocodile Dock” and our church was transformed into a murky swampland.  The kids made crafts, attended Bayou Bible Blast (a fun take on Bible Study), Dockside Drive-In (with videos featuring the adventures of Chadder the Chipmunk), Adventure Encounters and much more.  A huge thank you goes out to all the volunteers that make KidQuest possible.  It is amazing to see people using their gifts in making KidQuest a smashing success.  But, of course, without Dolores Rader’s, Minister to Children, strong, enthusiastic and nurturing leadership, none of it would be possible.  Thank you, Dolores!

I urge you to read more about it at:  There are some really neat perspectives on the week.  Whether you were able to be a part of this or not reading the daily updates gives one an insight into the family of grace that is South Main.

Live.  Laugh.  Love.

Jennifer Gribble

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