Sharing Our Stories…Claire Frazier

April 29, 2010

By Claire Frazier, South Main Member

Claire Frazier is married to Joe Frazier.  She is active in our Music Ministry, starring in several productions of Bach to Broadway, South Main’s Summer Musical.

A few years ago our family was homeless. Not in the way you might think. We had a lovely house that was home to our family of 5. What we did not have was a church home. And although we had no lack of shelter, food or clothing, being “church homeless” was very distressing to us.

We spent a long time visiting churches in Houston, carrying our mental checklist for comparison – beautiful worship space, inspired preaching, strong music and youth programs and on and on. We stayed in some places longer than others, but still yearned for something more – a place to belong, a community, and the assurance of God’s will for our decision. I became so unsettled about the matter that I commented to Joe, “What if something happens to one of us? Without a church family, who would we call for help?”

South Main was home to many of our friends, and we had visited from time to time over the years. But at the time of our search, South Main was without a pastor. And fearful of getting involved during that period of uncertainty, we crossed it off of our “short list”. God, however, continued to nudge us in the direction of the church at 4100 Main Street. Our son Stephen had become active in the youth program after accepting an invitation from his friends. He soon made the decision to join and was baptized. Our friends began inviting us to worship every Sunday and our daughter Annie’s friends began inviting her to Sunday School and Youth Camp.

One particular Sunday, Thomas Coker invited me to sing for worship. And the next day something did happen to one of us. I received a phone call from M. D. Anderson with the news that I had cancer. The whirlwind that followed is a blur except for a few important details – Steve Wells was immediately by our side to support us and pray with us. The people of South Main surrounded us with love and prayers. And God’s voice was unmistakable on the morning you promised to be His family for us in this place, our new home.

We are never more like Jesus than when we SHARE…. As we learn to share our stories, we learn to share our faith…

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January 12, 2010

Adapted from Prayers & Litanies for the Christian Seasons (p. 48) by Sharlande Sledge.

Create in each of us a kneeling place, where we may empty ourselves of our self-importance and become vulnerable to your Word to us.

Forgive our busyness and help us to rest in You.

Help us to set our faces firmly against friendly suggestions for safe, expedient lives and toward the risk of discipleship. Loosen our grip on certainties that smother possibilities.

Forgive our resistance to change.

Let us pursue the adventure of losing our lives in order to find them in You. Guide us to follow the way of the cross where despair is transformed by the promise of new life and where we are compelled to intercede for those who have more pain in their lives than hope.

Forgive us for dreams that are too small.

When we are too eager to be “better than…” when we are too rushed to care… when we are too tired to bother… when we are too preoccupied to listen… when we are too quick to act from motive other than compassion…

Transform us, hold our feet in the fire of your Emmanuel grace, so we can see our actions in the light of your costly love.