Together we Pray

By Amy Grizzle Kane, Minister to Adults

Together in Prayer: Coming To God in Community is a book by Andrew Wheeler.  To be honest, I’m still reading most of it, but I’ve been thinking a lot about the author’s main point.  The title of the book is drawn from Acts 1:14, where the early church was “constantly together in prayer.”  Wheeler writes, “The “togetherness” experienced by the early church was more than just physical proximity – it was a oneness of heart and mind reflected in such passages as Acts 2:42-47 and 4:32-35.

Praying together is important. Not just praying individually while being in the same room together, but focusing our prayers on the same things, together.  In addition to our own daily prayers, praying together as a church family even as we’re away from each other can be a meaningful and powerful spiritual experience.  To help us experience and remember this, the SMBC Discipleship Committee has developed a monthly prayer calendar– each month a new prayer calendar is available for your use in addition to our SMBC Update weekly prayer list.  Printed copies are available on the Welcome Center table and it is also available online at: (or at the prayer tab on our smbc homepage).

Praying together is important and it makes a difference. Has this been your experience?


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