Reflections on Peru

By Jennifer Gribble, Marketing Coordinator

In reading the updates from the Youth Mission Trip to Collique, Peru, from July, I was touched by this post written by Hailey Sellers:

We see dirt and pieces of cement

They see a floor and shelter

We see tattered clothes and shoes

They feel protection with just a sweater

We cry when we see this cardboard house

They praise God that they have a roof

OSA helps them build so much more

The smiles on their faces are living proof

They attach to us as if we’re family

Although they met us an hour ago

5 days later we hold on tight

Wishing that none of us ever had to go

We return in three years

Their memories aren’t the best

All of it starts over again

Everyone just forgets the rest

As if tomorrow never ends

We spend the day devoted

To praise, joy, and love these children

Our hearts with change will be coated

A tear may fall as we say goodbye

A hug passed from one to another

We places a bracelet on their wrist

So when it falls,

They know goodbye is never forever

Well said. If you want to read more of these amazing stories from our youth, click here.

Thank you to Rachel Moore, one of our youth, for capturing these amazing images of their trip.


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